The Blackberry Crimson - Better than Pearl

After reading Mark Evans' posting about what's to come with Blackberry, I had to do more digging.  Someone in this house has a Pearl on their wishlist, and I've got to stay ontop of things like this.  So when Mark mentioned the Crimson, I thought, "oh Boy, now that sounds interesting", and off I went, Crimson hunting. 
And it was good. The Crimson is actually going to be the "real person's" Blackberry.  Qwerty keyboard, being the number one feature, (god how I hate the "suretype" of the most recent berries, it's simply NOT GOOD. The Crimson has the cameraphone, with zoom, the mp3 player, and the snappy styling. It's GSM, (bah, humbug) but that's ok for the wiz, considering he's been stuck with rogers for the past 10 years, another few years shouldn't hurt. Word is that it won't be available for christmas, but maybe for Easter..... ;-)

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