Look Out Pandora.... Musicovery is Here

I have been a huge Pandora fan, for years now.  At work, at home, you name it, if my laptop is on, usually Pandora is playing in the background.  But Musicovery might change all that…. especially with it’s ability to dig down into years and genres. Comes in mighty handy when you are reliving your ’80s.  Now, the big trick would be for someone to build a mobile device, with wireless IP capability, so you could stream music with you, wherever you are.  It would certainly fix my dilemma with commuting.

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With Musicovery : interactive webRadio you can determine what music to listen to by your mood, define it by genre or narrow it down to a particular decade. Choose to hear only only hits or only non hits or set it to discovery mode to, um …discover.

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