Early INTERAC Outage Rings in Christmas Shopping Season

Between early holiday shoppers, festive decorators battling for LED lights, and bedlam in the grocery stores, it’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas. But at approximately 4:00 pm this afternoon, the Interac Network in Canada came to a crumbling halt, impacting debit services and ATM machines alike. All transactional services with Canadian banking institutions were impacted, even independants who rely on Interac for integration. For the better part of 4 hours, the shopping option was cash or credit card only.  It smelled like the ’80s in line at Canadian Tire.

Believed to not be related to a telco issue, the nationwide outage could be signifying the beginning of chaos for the christmas shopping season. Details are still sketchy….  stay tuned for what crashed the Interac network….

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