Questions I'd Ask Dooce

You know... you are killing time, waiting for conference calls, and you pop around to your favourite (and no doubt favourited by zillions of others) blog....and Dooce never fails to amaze me. 

But then I wonder, her life is almost entirely in the public domain, not to mention VERY digitally loud.  Her blog gets zillions of hits.  When she allows comments to her posts, she receives hundred of responses, usually ending in a vicious flame war. Her Flickr photo album is inundated with more comments.... even this interesting capture of pigeons in an airport received 9 comments.

How can she find a little anonymity when she wants? How can she turn down the digital volume that her life blares out? Is there a magic pair of headphones she has for those days when it's good to hear the quiet?

It's nice to go to places where people know your name, but isn't it also nice to be able to disappear into anonymity at times too?

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