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Rogers Beefs Up with Satellite Radio Offering!

Holy Quintuple Play Batman!

Rogers just received the nod from the CRTC that will allow them to offer subscriptions to XM or Sirius Satellite radio services over their cable network. It's going to become part of their standard offering, and customers can get their satellite radio subscription on their Rogers bill.

The service will be offered in Eastern Canada, but will focus on Ontario, NewBrunswick, Nerfoundland and Labrador.

The question is, is it easier to get a subscription right from XM or Sirius, or is it easier to get it from Rogers?  Will there be a price difference?  I'm curious to know how much of the satellire hardware that you buy for your car/home is subsidized by the service contract you have to buy as well.....  Perhaps Rogers is offering you a bit of a deal, as it's coming into your house using your existing digital settop box.....

It's a good play, I think

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