Art.Com Upgrade Screws Loyal Customers

Hi there support folks,

I've been a thrilled customer for the past few months, I'veblogged about how amazing the service has been, the timing, the qualityand the pricing....  I just ordered and received my most recent 4pieces, and they are outstanding.  I returned to the site last night topurchase an additional 4 pieces, only to discover that the photos toart section had been changed, and not changed for the better.  Allmonth i've been on the site, reading that a new site was to belaunched, and I was anticipating great and wonderful changes, but notthe nonsense that greeted me last night:
  • reduced functionality on galleries
  • limits on the effects that can be applied to photos
  • limits on the canvas sizes
  • increase in prices by 50%
  • now a "brushstroke" effect adds another $20 the the pricetag.
All in all, reduced functionality and increased pricing do NOT make fora good customer experience. I spoke to customer service this morning,and was able to access my old gallery, only to realize that i now HAVEto order a frame with a canvas, in order to buy a photo to art piece. Lovely. You got me. I'm screwed.  I need the oil painting effect tofinish off pieces for christmas.  The only way I can get that, is toalso get snookered into a frame that I don't need.

Please tell me that the new site is only in *phase 1* of the upgrade,that you will return all the fantastic effects that can be applied tothe photos, or in the very least, that the original site can functionat 100%, no blackmailing with frames allowed. Oh, and how about some compromise in pricing?


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