StarWars and IMS

I picked out the nugget I liked, you need to read the article to get the Star Wars Reference ;-)

Open Gardens: Of Sith lords and the dark side of IMS

It (IMS) attempts to capture the flexibility and ubiquity of Internet Protocol whist ditching much of the Internet's design philosophy.Thats spot on! The Internet succeeded precisely because it was designed as a dumb pipe with the intelligence concentrated around the periphery. In other words, intelligent nodes and dumb pipes go together. 'Dumb pipes' means : all packets are created equal. There is no intelligence in the network, only in the nodes.IMS uses IP , BUT adds some intelligence in the network because it does NOT treat all packets equally.IMS promises to improve the quality of service, reduce SPAM, provide better quality rich applications(such as video) and so on. The often hidden caveat of this promise is the understanding that packets may not all be treated equally. In financial terms, it translates to premium prices for premium connectivity.

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