Thursday is Garbage Day

Thursday is garbage day on my street.  The neighbourhood is very regimented on when you *put out* the garbage.  It's got to be done between 10:00 pm wednesday night and 7:00 am thursday morning. Heaven help you if you are late.

And I am.

I'm the nerd shuffling out in her jammies and headset at 11:30 Thursday morning, usually engrossed in a conference call, trying to beat the recycling truck to the curb. Classy, I know. It's not easy, this garbage thing. The pressure grows every week to conform to the neighbourhood. Trying to keep up with the Jones' has taken on a whole new meaning.

Next week, I'm going to set my alarm clock earlier.

There are days when I miss the old familiar "garbage chute".  Back then, any day you needed to get rid of a Hefty Bag was garbage day.

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