I Covet My Privacy in Strange Ways

The other day I bought a LaSenza gift certificate for someone, and was asked for my phone number. Nope, no thank you, I'm not interested in giving you my phone number. Same for ANY store who asks me for a phone number. Now, a postal code, ehh, fine, I'll give you a postal code of the house I lived in... in the 90's.

The phone rang, and it was someone from Canada Trust, wanting to sell something, but wanted to confirm personal bits about me - nope, no thank you. If I want something, I will call *you* and be thrilled to provide you with personal bits.
Martin Geddes had this same problem! Telemarketers who want to confirm pieces of my life? No thanks, you aren't bonded, you aren't reqired to take an ethics course; there is NO WAY i am telling someone who makes an hourly wage anything private about myself. No offence.

On the other hand - I'm RIGHT HERE.  Right out here. Which, by virtue of being on the net 7/24 isn't all that private. Still. I'm not going to tell you anything like where my bothmark is , or what the balance is on my line of credit, or what rewards program I use.

1.  On my left leg
2.  $0.00
3.  aeroplan

Oh. Ok.
That was easy.

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