Urban Myths: Bullsh&t?

This month's Maxim Online has nailed down some of the more famous Urban Legends, and tracked down, using somewhat scientific methodology, the truth or lack thereof behind them. There is a debunking of the "cellphone will cause cancer" myth, which is also nicely supported by a research report that was released out of Denmark this week, (thanks mark).  The twist to the "cell phone will cause cancer" challenge is that all studies seem to only deal with adults will fully grown brains, not with children.  I'd like to see a study of how high cell phone usage affects kids from 12 to 18.  But who want's to donate their child's brain to research?
Ever had to touch a baby bird, knowing full well you might be sentencing it to death-by-mother-abandonment? According to Maxim, and the environmental expert it found, baby birds are safe to touch, but baby rabbits, now that's another story.

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