Pet Project: Collaboration

So - i've got almost 2 months under my belt at the new gig - and i'm ready to look around and see what sorts of fun i can stir up…. sure, it's one thing to encourage web cams and IM, another thing to figure out how to increase collaboration amongst a team who is extraordinarily geographically diverse. Did I mention the team is also fiercely independent? It makes for a great team, but it also makes for a VERY BIG VACUUM.

I need a tool that allows folks to keep each other up to speed on what we are working up, and also to share information, documents and diagrams. I am waiting for Foldera, because nothing else seems right. I'm worried that Foldera may be TOO much, and have too many whistles, and scare the ream away with arguements of cumbersome-ness and distractions… we shall see.