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Disgust at Canadian Evacuee Response...

Oh my.

Just finished watching the CBC news report, recapping the news of the beginning of the evacuation of canadian folks from Lebanon.  I still can’t get over the shock, anger and utter disbelief - I am utterly rocked.  The evacuees complaining, fighting with each other, fighting about not enough bathrooms, about being hot and not having enough water.  About having to wait.  About cramped quarters. About not being able to think the same about Canada, that Canada has let them down.  At what point did these folks completely lose their perspective on where they were, what was going on, and what needed to happen to get them back to safety?

People: NEWS FLASH.  You vacationed in a war zone. You weren’t at Sandals Jamaica.  Bombs fall, countries attack each other, and now the Canadian government is saving your sorry, complaining ass.  Please, how about a bit of appreciation?  How about some sort of thanks that your government is going above and beyond to get you OUT of a WAR ZONE?

One interesting point of note:  all the evacuees are carrying ALL their luggage.  Are yoiu kidding me right now?  It’s not like you missed a connecting plane in Chicago, and are waiting for the next plane.  You are in the middle of a WAR.  Leave your bloody gap sweatshirt behind. If all those people waiting in line left all but their minimal essentials, imagine how many more folks could fit onto the boat/plane?  There is no doubt that humanity’s sanity is in decline. Not to be missed, 2 in 5 evacuees aren’t even citizens of Canada, they are Lebanese folks, born and living in Lebanon, and yet, Canada is accepting refugees as well as supporting the evacuation of canadian “citizens”.  YAY CANADA!

I just can’t get over the lack of maturity, the lack of appreciation, the lack of decency, from these people who call themselves canadians.



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