More Perspective on the Evacuation

Lina Diyab, a Halifax lawyer, complained that after being told to come to the port, she had been left to stand in the sweltering heat for seven hours without any further word from the embassy despite the fact she is allergic to the sun.“Somebody is going to answer for this. We deserve better treatment,” she said to cheers from a crowd of several hundred people with similar complaints. : First two planeloads of Canadians back home

Again I say - when did this woman and the mob completely lose their perspective?  It's not as if their resort reservations were cancelled.  They were in the middle of a war zone.  Please people.  Get a grip, you sound ridiculious. What the heck are you doing in Lebanon if you are alergic to the sun and don't like the heat?  You should be thrilled that you are alive, and not in a war zone any more.  What about all the citizens who are from countries who simply CANNOT come to rescue their people? 

It's all about perspective.

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