All Apologies...

... apparently the allergy monster has returned with a vengance. And now it's taken over a goodly portion of my brain cells.  Yes, the ones that I am actually still using to cope with day to day life.  To top it off, I've actually been busier than hell for the past week.  It always goes like that, the week before you plan on taking vacation, everyone wants you to do something with your brain.

So, all this to say, nothing of real value has been posting, and for that, All Apologies.

Research Question:  Do you use calling cards? What about 10-10 service?  (10-10 service lets you make long distance calls cheap, you dial an access number - like 543-1010 and then dial your long distance number, and then blam!! You get cheap LD, and the charge shows up on your regular phone bill)

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