Inappropriate Advertising on Social Networking Sites?

It’s a bigger deal than one might think - having racy or inappropriate ads in your social networking site. It’s already happening on Facebook….and Alec Saunders has picked up on it.

But it’s becoming a much bigger deal globally… especially with Google’s foray into the social schene with
I tried Orkut, as one of the first social networking applications, and I didn’t really fall in love with it.  But folks in Brazil certainly have. 

Orkut is in the Top 5 of sticky websites, with more than 32 billion page views.  It’s no wonder Google wants to stick some advertising on it.  The problem arose when a goodly portion of the ads were *very* adult oriented, and in some cases, illegal.
The Wall Street Journal has the whole story on what’s going on with Orkut and Google.
it doesn’t make sense that Google can’t keep track of ads that are good and ads that are illegal. I’ve never googled something and come back with an ad that’s even remotely bad taste…. Methinks it’s got more to do with Orkut’s back end than Google’s.