Rogers Pulling a *Comcast*?

I’ve been reading with interest and trepidation the challenges that Comcast is enduring, with regards to controlling the types of applications its customers are allowed to use on its internet service. Specifically, P2P sharing programs.
Over the weekend, I was chatting with friends about this, and they are actually seeing the same problems with Rogers Internet Service. New problems.  Serious problems. No P2P file sharing whatsoever. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Any packet tagged as a file share goes into the neither world.

The Globe and Mail has an interesting take.
So does the Associated Press [via]
And Boing Boing covers the story as well.

Ahem - Mr Rogers - are you watching. Bad publicity. Very bad.
For a while, Rogers was in the news for “traffic shaping”, but the controversy died down (last summer I was able to download via Bit Torrent from my Rogers Internet service.) Alas, now it seems that no amount of torrent traffic is acceptable. Tests are going on this week to confirm.

Aie. First silly expensive data plans on cell phones, and now traffic shaping rearing its ugly head.
It’s going to be an interesting 4th quarter to 2007.