Rant of the Day - Cell Phone Callers

Why is it that people can take such liberties when calling a cell phone number?
Any time of the day or night.
Any amount of times in a row.
Regardless of importance, someone will call a cell phone 5 times in a row, never leaving a message, just hanging up and redialing at will. Feeling like a semi-automatic rifle shot.

No amount of *ignore* seems to trigger the appropriate reponse.

Is it because a cell phone carries a different respect than a land line?
Is it assumed that the phone is off, until it's turned on?
Does a cell phone convey the message of *I'm always available*?

The wiz's cell phone starts ringing by 8 am most days. It's a predictable pattern, cell phone, home phone, cell phone. Only a message gets left after the 3rd attempt.
For the love of the sweet baby jesus. Respect the phone, regardless of its status - wireless or wire line.

I'd love my wireless carrier [or cellphone manufacturer, for that matter] to create an enhanced ignore option. One that delivers 120 volts of unadulterated electricity to the caller's ear.

Yes, I'm the one who hits the ignore button. Ahem.