The Post-Christmas Review

The stockings are packed up for yet another year. The recycling is almost complete. Toys are being played with, and a few of them have broken.

Learnings to share over this Christmas:
  1. The Creative Zen Stone Plus MP3 Players never worked. Not once. Don't get them. Don't try them. Leave them in the store. You can charge them till the cows come home, and they will still never work.
  2. Pizzaville, from *It was a rainy day in Pizzaville* is going through some cost cutting measures and has now taken my postal code out of their serving area. You have no idea how disappointing that is. It's worse than not getting a pony for Christmas.
  3. Do *NOT* ignore the best before date on Eggnog. Ever.
  4. Wash red things before you wear them. Nuff said.
Happy New Year!!

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