Jules' Predictions for 2008

2008 is only 9 hours old so far - just old enough to start thinking about what it wants to be when it grows up.

Predicting the future, always a party favourite.  With my fingers and thumbs in assorted interesting pies, how about these predictions for 2008:

  1. Facebook will merge with a VoIP provider, making an all-in-one phone service with your friends.
  2. A new iTunes competitor will hit the iPod wireless mp3 screens, offering a different choice for *media on the go*.
  3. Rim and Google will partner together to buy wireless spectrum in Canada. *Grim Wireless*?
  4. Smaller Canadian cable companies will begin to band together/merge to create a force to better compete with Shaw, Rogers and Cogeco.
  5. The Ministry of Transportation will build wi-fi towers along commuter roads. Commuters will be able to download and drive on the Don Valley Parkway.
  6. Telecom Providers without their own *owned* infrastructure will partner with wireless providers for last-mile access to business and consumer customers.
  7. Despite AT&T knee-jerk reaction to pull back on telecommuters, remote workers will continue to thrive, and employees will make flexibility a mandatory requirement for employers. Gasoline shortages will continue to drive home the teleworking requirement.
  8. Skype will come to market with a TV set-top box that allows for easy video conferencing for grandparents. Likely will only work for folks who have cable and cable internet service. :-)
  9. Consumers will demand more interactive technologies from their grocery stores, and Canadian food producers will be held more accountable for transparency in the production of *Canadian* foods.
  10. Likely the percentage of accuracy of these predictions doesn’t surpass 2%.
Happy New Year!!!

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