Picnik: Best On-line Photo Editor

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to photo editors.  A lazy geek. I don’t want to spend hours with PhotoShop, and I don’t have a Mac (yet) to be able to play with Aperture. That being said, I’m pretty picky about post production work on photos.

I’ve been a hard core Picasa gurl. I’m addicted to the *glow* enhancement in Picasa. I’ve also been pretty hot on paint.net… but for some reason, I don’t have enough reserve memory to make it run smoothly on all my machines. (My fault, not Paint.net’s fault). Paint.net has got some outstanding plugins for softening portrait pictures.

Before Christmas, I stumbled on Picnik. I’m in love. So much so that I’m using it almost as much as I use Picasa. So much so that I even opted for the uber-membership. Picnik integrates itself nicely with Flickr, Facebook, your Picasa Web Albums, and any other on-line photo infrastructure you might have adoped.

Picnik’s got features, flexibility and some really neat creative tools. Think Lomo-styling, or Holga, or the Infrared filter I’ve been trying to recreate. Utterly goof proof. Now that I’ve shared the secrets, I’m sure amost everyone who thinks I’m a reasonable photographer will begin second guessing my so-called skills.  Really, it’s all about the tools ;-)

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