Will GrandCentral Ever Come to Canada?

Funny that I should ask about a phone 2.0 service, all things considered ;-)
That being said, in the past 3 days, every where I turn around, someone, somewhere is writing about how terrifically awesome Grand Central is. What is it, you ask?

It’s a universal phone number. It goes anywhere, does pretty much anything. One number to rule your world. It’s also a recent acquisition by Google (summer 2007), which is pretty darned neat, considering the last time I poked around at it (early-2007), it was just a wee innovation.

You can route your number to various phones, mailboxes and applications. You can route based on originating number, you can assign different ring tones, you can prompt the caller to *explain themselves* before you decide to answer the phone - this would be hilarious with telemarketers. You can have different voice mail greetings depending on the caller (this would be *really* helpful for me, considering I’m using the same VoIP system for work and for pleasure.

Alas, Grand Central’s still only allowing folks to reserve numbers in America.
Grand Central folks - give me a call - I can help set you up in Canada!!!  It’s easy!!! :-)

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