Technical Training As an Employee Incentive?

I wonder how many folks consider training as table stakes when considering employment. 13 years ago, I had the honour of being shipped to San Jose California for 3 weeks for training with Netcom Communication. It was spectacular, but I’m not entirely convinced of how much I learned, aside from how to use xwindows in Unix :-) I was a bit of an anomaly though, and telnetted back to my old job to pop into IRC and say hi to the guys and give them updates on the good and the bad of San Jose :-)

Training has come *a long way* since those days. This week I had to write 3 tests to prove my IP Leadership abilities. Not easy tests, by *any* stretch of the imagination. And to think that the only part I was worried about was subnetting IP addresses. Sheesh.

I know of a few past employers who talk training, but can’t *walk the walk* when it comes to providing knowledge and development for employees. Budgets come, budgets go, and if you are interested in learning, it’s something that you’ve got to pursue on your own time, and your own dime. I am thrilled when companies are recognized for walking the walk.

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