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I Need a 21st Century Doctor - STAT

How is it that in 2007 my doctor's office has a space, 20x40 and packed to the ceiling with analog information.  Why is there a huge filing area for folders of new patient information? Why do I only see one computer in the reception/administration area? Why is my doctor writing down everything with paper and pen?  This information is going to disappear, and likely will never get backed up, or updated or handed off if I switch doctors. 

You know what I mean - you move cities, you want your medical history to follow.  The new doctor never really gets around to giving you all the paperwork needed to transfer your file from your old doctor's office to the new one?

This is a brand new doctor's office, less than 5 years old, why would they not have adopted more of the SSHA - Smart Systems for Health Agency features and technology? SSHA's mandate is to bring more focus to technology in the Ontario Health Care industry.
SSHA is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care from which it receives 100 per cent of its funding. Its products and services are free for publicly-funded health care organizations and professionals.
If this is the case, why has there been such a delay in the adoption of new technology?  Tablets, wireless devices, self serve patient applications? Geeze, atleast get a digital pen!

I sat in the waiting room for 40 minutes for a 12 minute appointment.  I had some time to invest in watching how this office worked...So much time and energy was wasted on finding and returning patient files, I thought my head was going to pop off.  The booking of appointments - it's done in a LEDGER for Pete's sake. Please, please book me in something digital!  No wonder it takes 10 minutes for the receptionist to check you in.  No wonder so much time is wasted on the phone making an appointment.

I asked for a referral to a dermatologist - what did I get?  A piece of paper.  "Please take this to the receptionist". What did I get then? Another piece of paper. "Please call back in a week for your appointment information". Huh? There's so many things wrong with this scenario, I can't even begin to rant.

It's 2007.  Even my auto mechanic has more technological innovation than my doctor's office. He will email me when it's time for an oil change, and I can book my appointment online.  Why can't Ontario doctors have the same technology as Midas?  It's not rocket science.  I don't need a brain surgeon.

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