FixYa Fixer Upper

In my recent scans through the world for a project-y manager-y application, I stumbed across FixYa. An environment where you can ask questions and get help on just about everything you could have a problem with.  If you are scratching your head on how to tweak your digital camera, or have a problem with your TV, this is the absolute neatest place to go.  Peer support, troubleshooting and answers. If you are a fixed-upper, there's lots of folks looking for answers - share your knowledge and be recognized. Here's the giggle - if you can't figure out how to fix what you've got, they will sell you a new one!  I just shared some expertise on my silly Sony NW-A1000 mp3 player.  It's a sexy device, but it's high maintenance. - Consumer Electronics support, repair, manuals, faq, problems and solutions

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