Stopping Junk Mail at the Tree

Thanks to Kate for this one….

greendimes will reduce your junk mail, plant a tree and save water; all for only $37 CAN. If you want - they’ll even get your eco friendly butt on the “Do not Call List” and the “Do Not Fax List” as well.
The trick - they can only get rid of junk mail that’s got your name and address on it.  I only get one consistent piece of junk mail that actually is addressed to me (thank you Citibank and all your crap-diddy waste).

The bigger problem is the add ins and generic fliers and fluff that get stuffed into your mailbox… you know what I mean…  It’s those pieces of nastiness that I’d like Canada Post to stop ramming down my mailbox throat.  How do we get rid of those pieces?


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