Why I Buy Pizza from PizzaPizza

No - it’s not because it’s good. On a good day, it’s mediocre.  On a bad day, it’s delivered overcooked and even the dog has a hard time choking down the crusts.
No, I buy Pizza Pizza because they have a reasonable online order application.

I would LOVE to buy pizza from It Was a Rainy Day in Pizzaville.
Alas - their online order tool sucks crusts when it comes to being able to pair up an address with the nearest store.  It worked ok downtown, but it can’t figure out that I am 8 minutes from a franchise, now that I live north of the city.

I would LOVE to buy pizza from Dominos.
But they don’t even have an on-line ordering option! Aie! Wakey wakey….

I’d even go out on a limb and buy pizza from Pizza Hut…. I quite liked the cheese in the crust deal they used to offer. Again - no service for my area. Again - I can almost see the Pizza Hut. Pfft. No pizza from YOU!.

So - Pizza Pizza it is. Not because it’s good, but because they seem to be the only pizza chain who has their act together when it comes to on-line ordering. I’ll be damned if I’m going to support a pizza place who hasn’t got their web 2.0 game going on.

To the good pizza places….. hurry up and get your digital sh&t together. I’m getting hungry again!!

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