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I’ve got an abundance of bits and pieces of canadian telecom and internet experience, and I am thrilled to be in a place in time when all is changing, technology is developing, and the status quo is being disrupted. 

Floobergeist is a word that is beginning to defy definition.  The more I roll that smooth pebble around, the more it becomes to mean. Floobergeist started out as the magic dust that turns dreams into ideas.  And then it began to encompass the zing that happens when you have conversations about those ideas. And now, it’s the whole evolution from dream to conversation, with each step improving the later and the former along the way.

Everyone aspires to good conversations. They can lead you to adventures you’ve never imagined, and to people you can twig with.

Let’s have a good conversation…


Abnormal Bedroom Talk

The wiz and I are not the normal couple.

As overheard last night:

“So - would you get an RFID tag if it meant you could get great discounts at neat places?”
“What sorts of places?  What sorts of discounts?”
“Say… Las Vegas, or at a resort, or through a Tourism Agency.”
“Maybe, but I’d want the RFID tag to disintigrate on the flight home, and I don’t want it injected, I want to swallow it”. (The wiz is not keen on needles.)

Swallow it!?!?!?

Yeow. And so my brain started working.  Could you make an RFID tag that was ingestible, instead of injectible? Could you even make an RFID tag that was injestible? Or injectible that broke down over time?

I’m a teckno-junkie, sign me up for the injectible, long life, full featured RFID tag, especially if it means that I don’t have to carry a wallet ever again. I want it all.  I’m ok with having all my worldly information at the tip of my finger. But I would imagine that most folks aren’t as keen on such invasive upgrades to their anatomy, not yet anyways.

Still, there are growing applications where it makes sense to have temporary RFID tags, especially at tourist destinations, where carrying a card around isn’t convenient.
All the loyalty cards taking up extra room in your wallet? Add ‘em to the tag. Your citizenship info? How about your health info? And don’t forget your financial info.  Plug it all in. And while you’re at it, how about a RFID editor, so you could add your own bits of information, like who to contact in an emergency, or all your semi-personal preferences on everything you want to share with anyone. Don’t forget that you also want this info to update the zillions of RFID databases that are relying on your finger.

All this leads to more - wi-fi in your finger? :-)

See what I mean about abnormal?

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