Hunting the Illusive Catalpa

It's harder to gain consensus on gardening than I thought it would be.
Husband 2.0 is much more interactive and collaborative than Husband 1.0 was. This is a good thing, but requires more customization in the interface in order to run smoothly.  Of course, I've lost the userguide.

This morning, after a day of negotiating yesterday on trees and shrubs and plants (oh my!), I finally figured out that we needed Catalpa trees in the back yard.

Do you realize how crappy the on-line Canadian Greenhouse/Nursery market is? Do you think I can easily find a nursery within 20 kms who has a listing of their inventory?  In the US, you can't swing a dead digital cat without hitting an on-line greenhouse e-store.  And yes, they will deliver anything your lazy gardening ass can think up.

I'm suited up with a large double double and my Crocks, and I'm loaded for bear. If I can't find a bear, a catalpa tree will do nicely.

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