Two Things...

1.  Ok, this is the neatest ad I’ve seen in a while. I fell for the wee lemur sitting in the corner of the MobileSyrup page…..

Nifty the things that advertisers can put together with a bit of fancy code and polish.




2.  What’s the deal with Saskatchewan and the subsidizing of broadband for all? I suppose that stratergy only works when the government owns all the telecom infrastructure. :-( God help any independants in Saskatchewan. (are there any?)

3. Etsy completely rocks my world. Ok, I said there was only 2 things, but this is worth mentioning. I’ve recently started purchasing bits and pieces of beauty from Etsy. The independant sellers sent me email thank yous, included thank yous in my packages, and even showered me with free gifts. Cripes. I think I should invite them to Christmas dinner. They *are* amazing. I check the mailbox every day for more
postal love.