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Westman Communications: A Good News Story

In Canada, there really aren’t all that many independant cable (tv) operations left. The vast majority have been gobbled up by the likes of Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco and Mountain Cable. Manitoba might be a different story

There’s a neat company doing its own thing out there: Westman Communications. Last week they announced a new product to their portfolio of TV, Radio and Internet services…. Home Phone Service.

In a world of corporate giants, Westman is very much an entreprenneurial organization, working quickly to stay ahead of the curve, and yet maintain focus on family, community and quality. I had the pleasure of working with some of their technical folks last year. It was a good experience. Heck, all things considered, it was great, who am I kidding. Their teams were nimble and dedicated and always had the best interest of Westman and their customer base at the core of everything they did.

I’m thrilled that they’ve been able to launch what sounds to be a very exciting service. If you are in the Western Manitoba area, you are lucky to have some great choices and options for home communications services. Congratulations guys! :-)