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Google Launches Health Information Capabilities?

Certainly the health care industry, both in the US and in Canada needs some sort of boost to get into the 21st century, but is Google's answer to patient owned health records the right direction to move in?

Everyone gets a little tense when thinking about ownership and visibility of confidential healthcare information... and who wouldn't? In an age where the health insurance industry has eyes and spies everywhere, and can use the fact that you've got an ingrown toenail, or filled a prescription for valium against you in future claims, who wouldn't be hesitant to contemplate Google's new Health Care Initiative?

Letting Google into your medical file could be akin to granting that sort of omnipotent power to your ISP, because really, what more is Google than another service provider? That being said - who *would* you trust your health care information to?

Goggle says that they wouldn't *sell* your data without explicit permission. That means that they too are thinking of the potential ability to sell your data. Gulp.