Taking the Mac Plunge

Ok Ok Ok.
I think I’m going to do it.
After 3 solid months of thinking about it, and comparing, and deciding what I want, and asking the Wiz a thousand times, I think I’m going to get a new MacBook Pro.
I thought I had it figured out last night, as Best Buy has the 2007 models on sale. But the biggest model only had a 160Gb hard drive. And of course, I want to run windows too, so I was worried that the drive space was going to be too small, and within a year, it’d be just like holding my breath to get into my old skinny jeans again.

The new models are available on the Apple site, but are in the magnitude of $500-$600 more expensive than the 2007 models. Even though they’ve got the expanded hard drive, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

And then it hit me. I’m an employee of a company who has some decent discounts arranged with a few of the coolest vendors. This morning I picked up a cheap version of Xp ($85 - if I’m going to do this right, a pirate copy of XP just doesn’t cut it any more) and committed myself to atleast buying some sort of Apple-y product. Using my discounts, the brand new 2008 models of the MacBook Pro, 15” screen are the same price as the 2007 models, that have the skinny hard drives.

Ahem. I think my decision was made.

Now, the only frustration is that I was thinking I was going to be playing with a new toy while the last storm of the season thrashes the neighbourhood. Now I’ve got to wait 5 days for an Apple Orchard worker to put my new toy together. Sheesh. Wait 3 months to come to a decision, and then have to wait another 5 days!! Ohhh the humanity!!!


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