8 Weeks to a Greener Planet: 50 Ways to Help the Planet

50 Ways to Help the Planet  To supplement my 8 Weeks to a Greener Planet, I thought I’d share 50 easy ways to greening.  Chock full of common sense ideas, 50 Ways to Help the Planet is easy on the eyes, provides options that are easy on the expended effort to *greenify* your life. 5 ideas I grabbed:
  1. Don’t pre-heat your oven
  2. Turn off your computer at night
  3. Go vegetarian once a week (no, this isn’t suggesting that you *eat* a vegetarian!)
  4. Banning bathtime in favour of showers (i’m already working on this one with the chickadees)
  5. Buy second hand - I’m going to publish a list of neat second hand places that you might not be aware of in the region in the coming days.
So - go easy - go green!
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