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Hell Hath No Fury.... Like a Telecom Scorned


Senior bureaucrats were called upon to defend the way Peel tenders out contracts on Thursday after several telecommunication firms accused the region of unfair business practices.
Imagine that you’ve lost an RFP (request for proposal) to provide services to one of your customers.Now imagine that you decide to accuse your customer of unfair business practices. Publically, officially, and likely with some measure of prejudice. That’s exactly what Black Box Network Services and Allstream have done with the Region of Peel over the proposal of a new telephony system for the municipality. 


Avaya Canada was awarded the contract, but both Allstream and Black Box Networks are calling foul with regards to the decision making process.  Let’s take a step back:  What sort of message does this send to Allstream’s or Black Box Network’s customer base?   What sort of damage does this action have towards other relationships with municipalities? Perhaps one good thing will come out of this: structured decision making criteria.   Shame on the region of Peel for not providing it, and shame on the bidders for not demanding it. :-)

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