Mesh 2008: From The Cheap Seats in Richmond Hill

It was one of those years when the stars just didn't line up, and I missed out on snapping up tickets to Mesh 2008, one of the neatest Web 2.0 un-conferences in North America (it's held in Toronto).
That being said - I've been able to keep up with the conference today, the dialogue, the presentations and the speakers via a myriad of live blogging tools.
It's been amazing.
Dave Fleet has been live blogging virtually word for word. He's using a tool called Cover It Live. I'm mesmerized!
There's a Mesh Swarm that is capturing almost everything from Twitter.
Scribble Live is another live blogging tool that folks are gravitating to....
If you need a handle on content and social events? Matthew Ingram's got it...

And one last thing - you can gather together all the twitters from mesh08 with Summize....

It's almost as good as real life. :-)
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