Building Corporate Bridges with Social Networks

In the coming years, it will become easier and harder to do business with companies, based on their investment and adoption of social media.

Full Stop.

Already, applications like LinkedIn and Facebook are bringing customer and corporation closer together. Blogs are breaking down the *corporate* barriers. Folks are using their social network to find solutions, products and people to improve their own business requirements.

Last week I asked for a Bell contact who knew about local switch translations via Twitter and Facebook. I'm now LinkedIn to customers that I collaborate with on a regular basis. It's good to see the *real life* of people you work with. When time and space are working against you, it's easy to forget the *realness* of people. This is true for co-workers as well as for customers. I've got a few customer-peers in the UK, and I know that I'll never likely meet them, but having them as part of my social network almost makes up for that fact.

Most of my own team isn't in my province, but that hasn't stopped me from seeing their kitchen renovations, their side projects, and the hiking they did last weekend. Social networks resolve the space-time barriers that real life throw at us.

If you've got folks in your social network who work in a specific industry that you require services from, aren't you more likely to turn to those folks more often, rather than calling a 1-800 number for sales? Of course!

Who's in *YOUR* social network.