The Downside of Having an Awesome Job

JGoode DesignsIt sounds funny when I say it out loud.

I’ve got an awesome job. And sometimes it makes life hard.
It’s a pretty darned neat job. Everyday I work with customers who are well known, household names. I help them by building solutions that are neat, custom and customer specific. I float from customer to customer as the need arises. I work out the technical challenges, the financial challenges and make sure that what i make is actually what the customer wants and needs. I’m not limited by anything other than my own imagination.I don’t do orders, or paperwork or administrivia.


I draw pictures, describe what the goal of the solution is and make sure all the right smart folks are involved.

I work where I need to, and stop and think when I need to as well. I get involved in futuristic projects, I am allowed to research wee bits of interestingness to see how to apply them to customers, I dream a little dream of technology. Really. I reach out to hundreds of different people, across a myriad of industries and specialties, smarties, all of them.

So what’s the downside you ask?

Every once in a while, a new and different opportunity presents itself, and I become caught in a maelstrom of ideas, scenarios and possibilities. For a few days, I’m in a tizzy, wondering if I should change direction, change focus and change my comfort zone. And then the calmness returns. I still really like doing what I’m doing. I might always like it. (with a raise, of course). I know I like being one of the technical linchpins of a solution. I like being a free range chicken, and I like being able to have more than one focus at once.I think for right now, I like it just fine.