Prom 2.0: Excessiveness 2.0

An interesting bit caught my eye this morning in the Toronto Star: Teens Being Shafted with Limo Services. My first thought: wow - who's got $2000 for transportation to an event that isn't even going to register a 3 on your life importance scale? Sure, teens likely shouldn't get scammed, but if the market is willing, prom expenses are low hanging fruit.I remember my prom - it was awesome. We didn't rent a $2000 stretch hummer. We rented a MOTORHOME. Now that's the way to go in style. And no, it wasn't $2000. It was less than $500. For 10 people. For the whole day.Who's paying $2k for a limo? Parents? Kids who are going to prom and dropping $2k for a *limo* likely should be saving part of that splurge for real life things, say.... university tuition? That limo contribution can pay for your textbooks for a year :-)Yes, prom is fun, kids shouldn't get exploited. But the silly arrogance and vanity of prom shouldn't necessarily preclude the fact that you are a babystep away from being a grown up. There's more to life than a prom. The average kid is going to drop over $2k each for their senior prom. That can get you to Australia for a long time. Or backpacking through Europe, or a jungle trek through Costa Rica. In 20 years, you aren't going to be thinking how awesome your prom was, you are going to be wishing you had $2k to put a hot tub in your backyard. And if you are still friends with all those people you shared a limo ride with, heck, I'll get you a Hummer for your 25th Reunion. :-)
Students from at least nine high schools are complaining they have been left in the lurch after paying Tuxedo Limousines for a "a unique, one-of-a-kind extraordinary experience" in one of the 18 limousines the company claims it has. | GTA | Grads left in lurch at prom
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