Baby Shower 2.0: Long Distance Love

This past weekend I was able to attend something very neat: A virtual baby shower. The mom was in California (just north of San Fran) and the rest of the family was in Ontario (just north of Oshawa). Laptops, web cams and a 1010 Casual Calling plan created a spectacular experience. [we would have used skype but alas, it was a last minute tech change].

Pressies were opened and proudly displayed to the webcam, and the oohs and ahhs from the mom were audible over the speakerphone. It worked! The laughter and hilarity of ladies *monkeying around for the webcam* were priceless.

Distance doesn't mean very much any more. Or it didn't, until the mom said "Mom, come closer to the webcam, I want to see your face. I miss you". It's still hard to hug over the internets.