I'm an avid reader of Dooce.
In fact, I make the Wiz read her too, when I think he will giggle (which is most of the time, by the way). We both love Chuck, and contrast him to our own smapp dog (that is not a typo).

This week, post Republican National Gongshow, Dooce weighed in with personal, colour commentary.
One post generated over 2228 comments.
That's two THOUSAND, two HUNDRED and twenty-eight.
From the internet.

Excerpt from Dooce:

I am angry. I am infuriated. And I don't think I would be if SarahPalin were a qualified or competent choice as McCain's running mate.But the fact, the reality is that she is not. And instead ofdemanding better from their party, instead of going, wait a minute, no,we deserve better than this, many Republicans are contorting themselvesinto a denial of reality. (please read this,it's a report from the AP, not some spooky liberal blog that wants tokill babies) And that right there is what has been going on for thelast eight years.

And I am just so damn sick of it.