Taking the Canadian Route?

Mark Goldberg has an interesting read, regarding ISPs routing traffic *around* the US, as opposed to through it. Picked up from the New York Times, it unveils an interest to avoid the US for security and privacy reasons.
Internet industry executives and government officials have acknowledged that Internet traffic passing through the switching equipment of companies based in the United States has proved a distinct advantage for American intelligence agencies. In December 2005, The New York Times reported that the National Security Agency had established a program with the cooperation of American telecommunications firms that included the interception of foreign Internet communications.Some Internet technologists and privacy advocates say those actions and other government policies may be hastening the shift in Canadian and European traffic away from the United States.
This trend bodes well for Canadian networks who are just dying to upgrade to 40 Gigabit network cores. Plus, who wants the US spying on their packets?:-)Telecom Trends: Routing around the US
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