Peak Oil and Living After the Oil Crash

It’s a growing theory amongst folks much smarter than I, that we’ve hit the peak on oil production, and within the next 2-3 years, it’s all going to go downhill from here. Oil shortages and skyrocketing oil prices are going to cause a rippling effect on our economy and way of life.

Food shortages, gas shortages, just a few small steps from anarchy… Ok - that may be a little dramatic, but indeed, there are going to be some pretty serious impacts to our “status quo”. I doubt that we’d be able to hold onto much of that favourite status quo any longer.

You know, you start to take notice when experts in your industry begin worrying about the same things you are secretly thinking about. Global Crossings is thinking about Peak Oil. National Geographic has a stellar article.

In among the doomsday stories, there are the beginnings of real life examples of a world headed for big trouble…..

When I look around at my life, it’s certainly not suited to a life with little to no oil. I live in a suburb, i drive everywhere, I don’t have much space to grown anything. My job is more than 50 km away from my house….
A great percentage of the food i purchase isn’t grown locally.

The bigger problem is in trying to wrap your head around a completely different future, while maintaining focus on the present, and not losing perspective on the whole potential problem at hand.

No one wants to be Chicken Little, but I’ve got a feeling that at some point, these apocalyptic prophesies are going to have more than a ring of truth to them.

Am I over-reacting? Am I the only one thinking about things like this on a Saturday morning? Check out Wikipedia on Peak Oil

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