Unfriendly Fetishes

On my trek to eco-friendliness, I've realized there are more than a few things that I'm still doing that I should STOP doing.
The hard part is in finding good replacements to bad habits.

  • Ziplock baggie waster. I hate them, I love them, I can't live without them. Well, maybe I can - with organic sandwich bags.
  • Drugstore shampoo and conditioners - I'm one of *those types*. The kind of girl who wants to try every shampoo and conditioner to find that *perfect one*. I'm not paying attention to the possible bad chemicals in these products. And I should. So now I'm more particular. Bert's Bees is ok - but my hair isn't convinced. LUSH has good products - some even without the plastic bottles, but they're pricey. Well.ca has a great line of organic products (plus they're an awesome Canadian on-line enterprise) Inspired Living also has what looks to be a good line-up - and it extends beyond just hair care.
  • Chemical laden laundry detergent and fabric softeners: Yup - if it smells amazing, I usually buy it, ignoring the fact that it's likely a bucketful of chemicals that make my towels smell good days after a washing. Sigh. This one is trickier to get over. I need an organic smell replacement. Something that won't leave the Wiz with a strage rash.
  • Plastic cling rap: the only thing I use pastic rap for is to keep things from heating up and spattering the inside of my microwave. I KNOW. Not only am i wasting plastic, who the heck knows what terrible things are leaching into my foods. Still - what's the replacement option? Maybe just paper towel :-(
What's your un-friendly fetish? I could go on and on right now, but I'm feeling a but guilty - it's time to share the guilt. Don't even get me started on my dishwasher detergent.