Facebook Threat Gets Boy Banned from Internet

While on probation, the teen will not be allowed on Facebook or MSN, and is only permitted to use the internet to do school work.
CBC News - Prince Edward Island - Facebook threat gets boy banned from internet This story hit my funny bone this morning....We as a culture have gotten to the point where the internet is no longer an *optional* tool, or a perk, but has become an accepted part of the educational kit bag. The boy who threatened his school has been banned from Facebook and instant messaging, but can still use the internet for school work. Seriously. Seriously!?!?!? Now facebook and messaging are considered perks. The internet is table steaks. Two questions pop up:
  1. Who is going to police his internet usage?
  2. Who is going to lock down all computers that he's got access to?
  3. What about the internet applications on his phone?
Chances are that his parents are not terribly internet or computer savy... I hope they are, but the odds are that they have left the *internet* stuff to their savvy son. Wouldn't it have been a more tangible punishment if he'd been blocked off the internet altogether? Gee, it would suck to have to do research using..... the library. There are SO many loopholes in this punishment. What was the judge thinking? And what are the punishments going to be when it's discovered that the kid is back on Fb and messenger? I don't think our Criminal system is ready for the 21st century :-(

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